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Resources for learning OpenERP

Polish OpenERP screenshot

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Well, how do you learn how to use OpenERP? There are many resources online, and the best way to get started is reading the OpenERP book, which can be found at:


You can either download an e-book or buy the OpenERP book at Amazon. I read the e-book and it is quite good, I highly recommend it. Have not read the printed book yet and I will receive it early January, so I will make a review of it as soon as I read it.

Reasons for reading the e-book? The most important reason is it portrays how the system works and shows different use cases for implementing the basic functionality of the system. It is an excellent way to begin the learning process with OpenERP.

There are plenty of online resources. Three online presentations I recommend are OpenERP Technical Memento, OpenERP Functional Memento and OpenERP Agile Implementation Memento. First I would study the implementation methodology presentation, then I would read the functional one and at last the technical presentation; which covers the technical aspects of developing modules.

You will also find online videos, most of them can be found at OpenERP Videos. These videos will save you a lot of time. And last but not least, you should check the  OpenERP Planet and the software forums.

Hope this information helps you get started with OpenERP.


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