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Pricelists in OpenERP

A customer asked us on what he was able to do with pricelists on OpenERP, so we decided to take a look at that functionality. So this post will cover what I learnt today regarding pricelists in OpenERP.

As stated by the tipo you can find in the Pricelist list view; “A pricelist contains rules to be evaluated in order to compute the purchase or sale price for all the partners assigned to a pricelist. Pricelists have several versions (2010, 2011, Promotion of February 2010, etc.) and each version has several rules. Example: the customer price of this category of product will be based on the supplier price multiplied by 1.80”

You can find the pricelist functionality in the Sales > Configuration > Pricelists menu. Clicking on that item, will show you two options, Pricelists and Pricelist Versions.

OpenERP 6.0 Main Menu

OpenERP 6.0 Main Menu

Click on the New button and you will see the New Pricelist Form

In this form we will enter the pricelist name, whether it is a sales or purchase pricelist, whether it is active or not, and its currency. In this example I will enter “Brazilian pricelist”, select BRL as the currency, and click save. The idea is to have a pricelist that applies to the computer products sold on the brazilian currency, the Real.

After saving the pricelist, we are ready to enter the pricelist versions. The pricelist version determines which rules of the pricelist will be applied when a sale or purchase invoice is entered by the user. These rules can be simple or become quite complex. We will cover some of them.

First you need to enter the pricelist version name, along with its start date, end date and active status. After entering that information, you can enter the rules. These rules apply mostly to products and its categories.

We will enter a new rule to illustrate how this work. The idea is to change the sale price to 150% of the cost price for all items of the Computer Stuff category, in case the quantity sold is greater than 100 items.

We create the new rule by clicking on the New button in the Version form. A new form will popup where we will enter the rule name, we will select the product, product template and product category that applies to the rule, and we will enter the minimum quantity that applies to the rule and its computation rule. We save the form and that’s all we need to do. Doing so we can enter different rules that cover the complexities that might apply to pricelists.

You can also apply pricelists to partners. On the partner form, select the Sales & Purchases tab, and you will be able to select which pricelist applies to that customer/supplier.


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