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OpenERP module of the day: audittrail

Audittrail is a module that is available in the default installation of OpenERP but it is not installed. This module allows you log every user operation on all system objects (such as accounts or products, for instance).

The installation is straightforward, you don’t need to import any module. You just need to install the module. After installing it, you will see in the Administration menu an Audit Trail menu item

After installing it, you need to create the audit rules. The rules tell the system which activities performed by the user need to be logged. By default the system comes with a rule that logs the changes made to the partner object.

Double click on the rule to change it, or see its contents.

You can see that the rule logs the activities performed to the partner object, and you can subscribe to this rule to see the log of the partner object.

To test this, make changes to any partner. I just modified the CampToCamp partner to show the log. After making the change, select the log menu item in the Administration menu.

You will see a list of the changes made to the partner object. Click on any line to see the details on the change performed:

Now you can see the changes I made to the CampToCamp partner, I added new information to the partner. Please notice, there are old values and new values for comparison.


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