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Thoughts on why some SMBs will switch to OpenERP over traditional ERP systems

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Today I had the chance to learn about the features of a propietary ERP system. This gave me a good  insight of why small businesses are moving to OpenERP. Some of the features customers appreciate are:

  • Customers can customize OpenERP. I did not realize it, but there are many systems around that are closed and can not be modified. And making changes to it means making changes to its core. And this could take months. This is the opposite of OpenERP, just look at OpenObject and you can see how easy it is to extend or override its functionality. Also, workflow functionality is quite powerful. Not all ERPs have the capability of changing its behaviour as OpenERP does.
  • Customers can look at the code. This might sound paranoid, but gives them confidence on the system.
  • No vendor lock-in. Customers love this. The fact they don’t have to stop the plant in order to switch vendors is highly appreciated. And being capable of keeping the code and giving its customization to someone else who is capable of maintaining it, makes life easier for our clients.
  • Support forums
  • Have I mentioned Python? OK, not all the IT people I know have ever heard of Python, but the people I met today were running their ERP system with Centura, which is a framework based on SQLWindows, one of the first object oriented programming languages in the mid-90s. With this I mean… OpenERP runs with one of the most productive programming languages in the world. Plus, even though we are not millions, the group of people working with Python is growing every day.
  • TCO. This is a big deal. Not only the licenses (all the ERP systems I see over here have licenses that are more expensive than $40,000) but the hardware and software as well. You only need a browser on your desktop to use OpenERP, no Windows licenses. And no server license as well. This saves thousands and thousands of dollars.
  • And last but not least, the web client. This makes the life of the system administrator much easier


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