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What is a product in OpenERP?

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A product in OpenERP can be many things at the same time. They can be either products to be sold, raw material or componentes purchased from suppliers, or work in progress pieces needed in the manufacturing process.

  • A product that can be sold is a product that will be listed on the products list when you are creating a sales order.
  • A product that is raw material is a product used in the manufacturing process and is procured from suppliers

You specify whether a product can be sold or purchased in the product form:

There is a third option that is not listed in the product definition form, and it is the fact that a product can be a work-in-progress component of the manufacturing process. In order to do that, you need to create a product and keep the “Can be sold” and “Can be purchased” check boxes unchecked. What is important to keep in mind is the Supply Method, where you have two options, “Buy” or “Produce”. If you specify “Buy” the product will be purchased from suppliers. If you specify “Produce”, a production order will be created in order to procure this component.

This  is important to keep in mind when you are importing information from another system. Most of the times you will import the products to be sold or the raw material to be procured, but we forget to import or create the work-in-progress components. We realize this problem when we try to create production orders, since those orders will require Bill of Materials that are missing the required work-in-progress components.

On a next post, I will cover my experiences so far with importing data into OpenERP,


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