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OpenERP Argentinian Localization

February 4, 2011 4 comments
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The OpenERP / TinyERP localization started long time ago, in 2005 by Thymbra (

Thymbra started the OpenERP localization for Argentina, and has developed the electronic invoicing module, among other things, making it public since the very beginning.

OpenUnit also developed other modules for the localization for Argentina, and made them public in the past weeks.

Nowadays a group of local argentinian developers are working  on testing the existing modules and documenting them. The modules are for version 5.0 but soon we will start working on the upgrade to OpenERP 6.0.

The modules of the argentinian localization can be found at:

The order at which they are installed is as follows:

  1. Report Openoffice
  2. Report_openoffice_helper
  3. Purchase
  4. Sale
  5. ou_account
  6. ou_account_partner
  7. ou_account_document
  8. ou_account_invoice_menu
  9. ou_account_payment
  10. ou_account_checkbook

Before you install the modules, you should un-install the account_payment module.

The method for installing the modules can be found at:

You can find further information in the OpenERP Argentina Wiki.

Further changes are on the way and changes to the current document are very likely. I just wanted to keep you updated on the developments of the OpenERP argentinian community, and in case you want to test or use these modules, you are more than welcome.